Most Popular Colombian Snacks You’ve NEVER Tried

A photo of a tasty hot dog
Enjoy the rich flavor of Colombian hot dogs as you crave another piece. | Photo by Yuheng Chen on Unsplash

Have you ever thought of grabbing a snack in one of the best places on Earth?

Have you imagined yourself roaming around one place just to find the perfect snack that will satisfy your cravings?

Well, get ready to go on a new and exciting adventure in the beautiful country of Colombia because one thing’s for sure, the food will not disappoint!

Colombia, as part of the region of Latin America, is located in northwestern South America. Its varied geographical landscapes add to the diversity of its people because the inhabitants have different ways of living. Due to this, Colombian people are producing various goods depending on their location.

Somehow, visiting the country with your friends or loved ones demands a taste of the scrumptious local food and snacks. Its best cuisine is not always made by famous chefs, but also produced by culturally diverse people in the area.

As one of the culture-rich countries in South America, it offers a great list of snacks that everyone must try. Its small towns are one of the best sources of traditional savory Colombian snacks.

Diversity in the country is reflected in all consumable goods that local people produce. The texture, vibrance, and combinations of all ingredients make you want to try them and even crave another bite.

Tourists would be amazed by how these snacks are prepared and served to them. The food processing makes it more stimulating. What’s more is that the waiting time will always be worth it.

So what are you waiting for? Brace yourself to experience first hand an out-of-this-world feast in Colombia!

A Brief History of Colombian Food

A photo of two men baking a Colombian snack
Locals have their own unique way of making popular Colombian food. | Photo by FRANK MERIÑO on Pexels

Do you ever wonder about how certain dishes and recipes in Colombia start out before they become known? Here’s a bit of a history lesson.

Colombia was once colonized by Spain. This is the reason why some, if not most, of its traditions and norms are similar to those of Spain. Part of the Spanish influence is the country’s cuisine.

Also, a few of the well known Colombian refreshments are influenced by the Africans. Many years back, slaves were brought to the country’s shores, and the interaction between the Africans and the locals has become a significant factor in the production of popular Colombian food.

As a result, Colombian locals and natives play a vital role in the development of Colombian cuisine. They integrate their own distinct taste with the influence of other countries and their impact on the local food culture.

This is to ensure that the innate practice of society will be preserved over the years. As such, if you plan to have a great experience in Colombia, never forget to visit the small towns and communities to discover pieces of food that are worth every munch.

Regardless of the fact that Colombia was once colonized by a powerful nation and sprinkled with a foreign heritage, Colombian treats remain having a story to tell.

A List of Tasty Colombian Treats

One of the best things to do when visiting Colombia is to taste their famous delicacies. No one ever leaves a foreign country without at least having a taste of the specialties. With that being said, it pays to have a list of food and snacks you wish to try in the country you’ll be traveling to.

Now, where to buy Colombian snacks?

With the enormous land area in the country, there are a lot of places that foreigners and tourists can go to appreciate various Colombian street snacks. These include the Caribbean coast, a local supermarket or street stall, the department of Huila, Bogotá, and many more.

Below is a list of popular snacks in the country that you ought to try:

  • Empanadas

    This piece of snack can be purchased all throughout the streets of Latin America, even in some parts of Asia. For some, empanada is just filled with ground meat, eggs, potato, and some vegetables and spices. But in Colombia, this can be filled with rice. Empanada is more satisfying once dipped in hogao, a tasty dipping sauce.

    A photo of a plentiful basket of empanadas.
    Indulge in the delicious golden crust of Colombian empanadas. | Photo by Jaime_Gonzalez on Pixabay
  • Papa Rellena

    Tagged as one of the heartiest snacks in Colombia, papas rellenas have a satisfying taste for all locals and foreigners who love to try it. It’s basically stuffed potato dough mixed with meat, vegetables, and spices. Once blended well, the dough is used to cover an entire egg before being deep-fried. This is best partnered with spicy aji sauce.

  • Pandebono

    Most Colombians start their day by partaking their popular bread, Pandebono, and sipping a cup of freshly brewed coffee. This classic breakfast bread is made with corn flour, cassava starch, cheese, eggs and, sometimes, guava paste. If you happen to wake up in Colombia, never forget to have a piece of Pandebono.

  • Chocoramo

    Aside from Pandebono, a chocolate sponge cake can fill your empty stomach whenever you find yourself in the streets of Colombia. Chocoramo is a staple sweet snack. It’s pocket-friendly, delicious, and convenient to consume -- a perfect snack for your sweet tooth!

  • Buñuelos

    If you’re a cheese lover, this Colombian snack is for you. Buñuelo is popular for its full taste of white cheese mixed with flour before frying. Traditionally, this cheesy snack is served during the holidays. However, it is usually available in some bakeries in the local neighborhood.

  • Hot Dogs

    This type of snack is not new to everyone's palate. In Colombia, they are sold in the streets mostly at night. Party goers crave Colombian hot dogs to deal with being hungry after getting drunk. This snack is topped with five sauces, two of which are pink sauce and pineapple sauce. This is also served with onions, cheese, crushed potato chips, and quail eggs. Its vibrant colors add to the texture and taste of the entire snack.

What Makes Colombian Snacks Outstanding?

The beauty of Colombia is not only reflected in its history, people, and tourist spots, but also in its cuisine.

The rich history of the country’s snacks becomes a trademark for locals and tourists exploring the country. The appetizing appearance of the snacks is just supplementary as to how they really taste.

A fusion of different flavors creates a near-to-perpetual aroma that lingers in your system. So if you plan on visiting Colombia, the aforementioned Colombian snacks alone will make everything worthwhile. A single bite is like having a piece of the country’s culture.