Why Having an Itinerary Is Important

Photo of La Ermita Church in Cali, Colombia Enjoy your trip to Cali, Colombia, with this helpful travel guide!

Having the luxury to travel is not achievable by everyone. If you are among the lucky ones, it is important to keep in mind that you should arm yourself before you embark on an adventure. Traveling, unless it’s part of your job, is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity; hence you should plan everything ahead. To prepare yourself for a journey, you should make sure you have a detailed travel guide and an itinerary.

One of the most visited places in the world is Santiago de Cali. If this place is in your bucket list, then you should know that this city is full of life. You wouldn’t want to miss any of the liveliest activities and spots, so it is important to review your itinerary. Make sure you have estimated the travel time, especially if you only have a couple of days to explore the city. Take note of the mode of transportation and also be prepared for unforeseen circumstances in weather and traffic conditions. You should also take note of your possible expenses. To make sure you have enough amount, you should map your destinations and prioritize the places you are most interested in. You can also write down the things you have to bring such as your clothes, medicines, gadgets, and emergency contact numbers.

All of these can be organized in an itinerary. Especially when you are traveling alone, an itinerary can be your overall guide for a hassle-free trip.

Convenient Travel Guide to Cali

Whether this is your first time to travel or this is your fiftieth time, there are things that stay the same, and one is the list of tips on safer and more efficient travel. The following are the best travel tips that every traveler should keep in mind:

  • Travel light. You wouldn’t want your luggage to be a burden, especially when the travel involves a lot of walking. The best bag to bring is a backpack since it can be carried anywhere easily. You can also bring a small bag that is enough to fit the important things you own, like a passport, other documents, and gadgets. Another good thing about traveling light is that you do not need to worry about the airport fees for excess luggage.
  • It is good to enjoy the scenes with your eyes, but do not forget that gadgets are still important, especially your phone. Make sure everything is charged before your trip. It would be much better if you bring along with you an external battery pack, chargers, and earphones just in case the others break down.
  • Make sure you have cash with you in a different pouch or purse. Carrying your cards is fine, but just in case of broken ATMs or, worse, your wallet gets stolen, at least you still have money you can use.
  • Everything should be booked ahead. Always make sure everything is confirmed—from the plane tickets to the room where you will be staying. Do research on hotels or rooms where other tourists have stayed so you will have a reference.
  • Do not be too cheap. Yes, you are on a budget, and yes, you have a lot of options for transportation. But it would be better to spend, for example, an extra $50 for a one-hour flight than to feel exhausted during a $30 twelve-hour bus ride. Spending more money to save more time is worth it, especially when you are traveling to Cali, Colombia, where the electrifying ambiance is everywhere that you don’t want to miss a thing.

Best Tourist Attractions in Cali

If traveling to the third largest city of Colombia is one of your goals in life, then you should take note of the most important spots to visit for a worthwhile vacation.

When one thinks of Cali, what comes to mind first is La Ermita Church, the Gothic-style Catholic church built in the eighteenth century that has been the main landmark of Cali, Colombia. Inside, you can see the images of Virgen de Los Dolores, San Roque, San Jose, and Christ de la Caña that have been preserved for centuries.

If you are into Colombian literature, you may have come across the poetry of Valle del Cauca. As a tribute, statues of the great poets, such as Jorge Isaacs and Antonio Llanos, were installed and can be found in Parque de Los Poetas (Park of the Poets).

Indulge in the bohemian life in San Antonio, the oldest part of Cali. Discover the lively neighborhood of writers and artists and more of the culture of Cali through their beautifully designed buildings and theatre plays.

Man and woman dancing salsa Dance to the beat of salsa with Cali women!

Some people travel for soul-searching; some people, to search for a soulmate. If you are looking for love in Colombia, traveling to Cali is a great idea. But before you meet single Cali women, you should first familiarize yourself with the Colombian dating culture. You may get to know her more over a cup of coffee or over dinner. Grab a bite of the square-shaped arepas (corn cakes) at Zea Maiz. You can also be more romantic and take her to Platillos Voladores for the best fine-dining experience. You can also take her dancing in one of the nightclubs in Cali; to experience Colombian dating is to also experience salsa dancing.

There is one beat in all of Cali, and even in all of Colombia, and that is salsa. Never leave the city of Cali without experiencing this dance. Spend the night with local salsa dancers and other tourists at Zaperoco Bar, Tintindeo, or La Topa Tolondra Nightclub. If you are going to spend a few more days in the city and if you are up to developing your skills in salsa, you can join the classes offered by the leading dance schools in Cali: Sabor Manicero, Sondeluz School and Salsa Dance Academy, and Swing Latino. If you are not ready to dance yet, let salsa circus Delirio inspire you. Make sure you have booked ahead for these world-class salsa dancers who were born and studied salsa in Cali. And always prepare your dancing shoes; you’ll never know when the beat captivates you.

You should know by now that Cali is a city that will beguile you and, when you leave, will make a permanent mark in your memory. Plan your travel now!