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For the past few years, Colombia has generally been rising in terms of industrial and social modernization. Slowly, the people from Cali have been adapting the social norms of the West, and surely they have been more free-spirited and open. Be that as it may, the Colombians are not ones to easily forget their traditional roots either.

In essence, no matter how much external influence is put in the lives of Cali people and the metaphorical soul of Colombia, they will still uphold their strongest traditional values. Cali people are very family oriented. Coupled with the fact that they are also mostly faithful to the Catholic religion, it is no surprise that most Colombian people still value and respect the sanctity of marriage. This is something they contemplate thoroughly before actually diving into it.

Rarely does it occur in Colombia where a couple runs off to elope without everyone else’s knowledge, especially from their families. Most of the time, courtship (or a casual relationship) will have to last months, even years, before marriage is even considered. The couple will build their relationship first and make sure the foundation is strong enough already to actually merit a wedding.

Cali’s dating culture may be more of an open-minded endeavor in nature. Young Cali women will indulge in casual relationships and, like most young people these days, jump from one relationship to another. But when it comes to marriage, the people, especially the women, treat this bond and relationship with the utmost care. Gone are the days where they will leave one partner for another. This time, the person they’ll marry is their partner forever. It is true that their marriages have the tendency to last longer, even forever, compared to the marriages of other nations. Until death do you part, as they say.

According to studies, Colombia has a very low divorce rate. One of the lowest in the world, in fact. The rest of the people in the world are left in awe of this. They have been wondering for years as to the cause of the country’s strong marriage foundation. If it is either because of their traditional inclination toward the bond of family, their strong religious faith, or perhaps both. Whatever it is, we cannot deny the fact that the Colombians seem to be doing something right and the women in their country sure know how to handle a marriage.

Reasons Cali Women Are Ideal Wives

To come from a family that upholds and adheres to a specific traditional mindset has to have merit on what kind of an adult a young person will become. With that in mind, it is not impossible to believe that in Santiago de Cali, the women were prepped and poised to be decent, classy, and family oriented ever since they were young. This does not mean that their adventurous and extreme sides are completely absent of course. Quite the contrary, in fact. Colombian women are some of the most adventurous women in the world; it's just that their tradition is something they cannot and will not disregard.

Growing up, they have watched their parents stick together. They saw how loyal their mothers were to their fathers, and how their fathers reciprocated that love. This mentality of preserving the everlasting nature of a family and the marriage that started it is very strong in Colombia. Since they were very young, Cali women have seen how beautiful a healthy marriage can be. That is why these women are known to be faithful and ideal marital partners.

A Cali woman’s insistence on the value of marriage doesn’t seem to be restricted to her social class as well. Women from all walks of life think this way. It is always a case-to-case basis with these kinds of things, but when the percentage of people who follow this idea is above average, that is when it becomes generally accepted as a fact rather than a mere hearsay.

These women will be there for their husbands and children to provide support. They will remain in love and faithful to their husbands in spite of the time constraints that their careers can demand. They will help you work on yourself, while they are working on themselves as well. If that is not what you have in mind when you think of an ideal partner in marriage, I honestly do not know what is.

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