A Cali Woman’s Way of Life

If you look at the history of Cali and the whole country of Colombia, you will find that it has been heavily run by men. It is a very patriarchal nation and mostly the women just stay at home to tend to the children and be the caretaker of the house. Today, however, that could not be further from the truth. Although politically speaking, the government is still run with mostly men, many women in Colombia today are very career-driven and intelligent.

If you walk the streets of Cali, Colombia, which you should, you will find a lot of women who walk with purpose—women in business clothing or in uniforms and lab coats, women who are not only beautiful but are at the top of their respective fields.

There are still some, however, most particularly the young ones, who are still working out on who they are and who they want to become. You will see them and they may seem naive and wayward, but give them time. They just haven’t figured some things out yet.

Women in Colombia learned to strive harder, as do most women in male-dominated countries, and it shows today. If you are looking for women who will not only please your eyes but will also challenge your intellect, you will not have a hard time finding them in Colombia, especially in Cali.

Since Colombia is a very family oriented country, the women here also value family. Not just the one they were born with but the one they started too.

Noteworthy Qualities of Cali Women

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In Cali, you will find a lot of women here who have a passion for dancing. Being the salsa capital of the world, the women in Cali are known to be great salsa dancers. Their nightlife will not be complete without dancing. They can also teach you as you get to know these women better. They are also very adventurous. If you want to do an extracurricular activity that demands extensive physical capability, these women will rarely say no. In fact, some of them will ask of it themselves.

Ironically though, these women are also known to be shy. Some people who have been to Cali will tell you that Cali women are reserved. This could be because of how Colombian families raise their children, especially how they raise Colombian women. They instill conservative views and traditions that have been passed down through generations. If you get the chance to find love in Cali and settle down with a Cali woman, you will witness firsthand how important their cultures and traditions are that they have been preserving their whole lives, and soon, they will also pass them down to your future children.

People in Cali barely speak English. The reason for this misunderstanding may be the language barrier. After all, if a person cannot understand you and cannot convey themselves in such a way that you will understand, they will rather just keep quiet. Since the Colombians are also known to be extremely polite, it is possible that remaining silent is their way of being nice to someone they can’t understand, which is also why some people think they are shy. Also, there are some cases when a Colombian woman can communicate well but still refuses to have a conversation because the man started with a sensitive topic; therefore it is also important to know the appropriate questions to ask a Cali woman to get to know her. Once you get to know a Cali woman deeply, you will find that they are extremely fun to be with, and if you can talk to each other without restrictions, you will find that they are wonderful conversationalists as well.

Cali women also respect the sanctity of marriage. The Colombian marriage culture is something almost everyone there religiously abides by. Once they get married, they will remain loyal to their husbands. They will love their children, and they will care for their family. To marry a Colombian woman is a privilege and a blessing for many who get to have the chance.

The Household Traditions of Women in Cali

Traditionally, it is the men or fathers who are the main income earners in the family. But also to reiterate a previous point, this may no longer be the case. It is true that, for some, it is embarrassing and emasculating for a man if the wife earns more than he does, but Colombia for the past few years has done a very good job with gender equality. That is why the women here are very comfortable and driven to strive hard.

Although it is generally accepted that women can lead a family too, a number of them will uphold the tradition and let the man of the house earn a majority of the wages while she remains at home to tend to the children. Some will still find sources of income, but it is more of a part-time endeavor. Mostly they will dedicate their time to their children and family. As mentioned earlier, the Colombians are very family oriented, and a mother will love her children and husband with all her heart. This is the reason some will choose to adhere to the traditional household. It is not to be lazy or to give way to the man, but it is for her to be the best mother she can be.