Your Next Travel Destination Is Cali

Bus with tourists approaching La Ermita Church in Cali Here are the reasons you should travel to Cali!

Whether you are aiming for a simple getaway or a long-term stay, Cali is the best choice. It is not a place that offers a lot of activities compared to other Colombian cities, but it is home to most tourists. Why? Because compared to other Colombian cities, Cali has the most welcoming of people.

When you arrive in Cali, at first, you will wonder what to do to make your stay fun. Wait until you get to know some of the locals. Their friendly personalities and rich culture will make your trip worthwhile. It is no wonder other tourists have stayed in Cali for a long time. If you look it up online, you will find different foreign people who have been writing good things about Cali, Colombia, and why they have been staying there. You will notice that most of them will talk about the warm atmosphere that the people in Cali can offer.

It is true that once you indulge yourself in Cali, it will stay with you for a long time, or you will stay there for good. Most of them are solo travelers. It is either they like to live a simple life or they were able to find love in Cali. Below are other reasons why many tourists visit or even move to Cali, Colombia.

Top 5 Reasons to Travel to Cali, Colombia

Cali, Colombia’s safety has always been questioned since it had a reputation of being a dangerous place, especially for tourists. But the times change, and so did this historic city. Nowadays, it is one of the most visited cities in the world. It could not be denied that Cali, despite not being as developed as Medellin, is still Colombia’s gem. The following are some of the reasons Cali, Colombia, can captivate hearts.

  1. It is the salsa capital of the world. In all of Latin America, Cali is where you can find the best salsa dancers and instructors. You can feel the beat in every corner of the city. In fact, once you arrive, you can already feel the electrifying vibe created by these passionate salsa dancers. With this being said, it is understood that Cali’s nightlife is much more alive. You can meet people whose love for salsa goes on from dusk till dawn.
  2. Great accommodation, great food at low prices. Cali has a lot of places to offer for tourists. At around $300 a month, you can find a place to stay that will make you feel like you are home. Through online booking, you can even find a private room at $10 a night. Delicious food is not that hard to find either. You can go for seafood today or vegetarian the next—priced at around $3 per meal. You can even go for street food. The most popular are empanadas, obleas, and arepas. You should also try cholado (crushed ice with fruits and milk) and fresh fruits like pineapples and green mangoes. No matter what the food preference is, Cali has various food choices that will fill every stomach.
  3. There are a lot of things to do in Cali. Though it is not a big city, there are still numerous activities that every tourist should experience. If you are up for a swim, you can visit Pance River. However, it is not limited to swimming. You can also discover different points as you go hiking, such as Chorro de Plata, La Voragine, and La Chorrera del Indio. You can also discover more about the bohemian life in San Antonio. The town is still alive with stories and art, and some of the history of Cali are still portrayed in theatre plays. If you crave for more adventure, challenge yourself and conquer Pico de Loro. You can book a guide and spend the day hiking this famous peak in Cali. You can also visit the famous Cristo Rey, another Cali landmark, to see the best view of Cali, especially at around 4:00 p.m. when the city starts to light up.
  4. You can also learn Spanish. If you want to know how to meet people and, specifically, find love in Cali, learn at least basic Spanish conversation. Also, in Cali, there are instructors that offer less expensive Spanish classes compared to going to a Spanish school.
  5. Colombian women are beguiling. And one of the most sought-after are Cali women. These women are loyal and family-oriented. They know salsa, bachata, and other Latin American dances and they are adventurous, but they still adhere to the Colombian dating culture. These traditional women are not just beautiful outside but inside as well. Many foreign men aim to find love in Colombia for they know that Cali women are into long-term relationships. If you have been dreaming of dating a Cali woman, there are different ways. The most recommended is through, where you can get to know real Colombian women that are screened and verified by our expert matchmakers. All you need to do is to sign up for free to begin your journey in finding the Cali woman of your dreams.

Cali, Colombia, is not just for travelers but also for those who have been seeking for what they really want in life. If you want to settle in a different place, consider Cali, Colombia. Who knows, you will be able to find your home there.