Discover How Cali Women Are in Marriage

A beautiful colombian woman smiling at the camera Find a Colombian woman for you, someone who is not only beautiful but also has the spirit of a perfect wife.

Colombian families are still known to be very traditional and religious despite the influence of the West. Due to this fact, some cultures from decades ago are still practiced, including the Cali marriage culture, which sees a wedding ceremony as a holy union of the body and soul, and this is acknowledged by the Cali society as a whole. Colombian women widely adhere to this belief, and because of this, the marriage rate in Colombia is close to perfect as divorce is rare and is socially frowned upon. For most people in Colombia, a specific time period of courtship is necessary to even consider the possibility of marriage, further cementing the idea of this nation’s respect for the ceremony.

If you are looking to marry and spend the rest of your life with a Cali woman, then you can rest easy as she most probably wants that very same thing.

Significant Qualities of Cali Women

Cali women are beautiful, well-shaped, and overall physically alluring. These, however, are facts we all already know. Beyond the superficial, there is nothing more special than a Cali woman in love. A Cali woman has the qualities that make her the ultimate and perfect wife a man can have. Just to name a few of these qualities are the following:

  • A Cali woman is extremely faithful. Infidelity is close to nonexistent in Colombia. When Colombian women get married, they act like it. If a husband is gone for a period of time due to work or some other reason, the wife will wait for him patiently and faithfully. Any man is extremely lucky if he lands such a precious woman.
  • They will always find time for you. No matter how busy life (personal and professional) gets for a Colombian wife, she will always be there for her partner if ever he needs her. Colombians understand well the sanctity of marriage. They remember the vows spoken at the wedding ceremony. To have and to hold, when she speaks those words on her wedding day, you will know that she will mean it forever.
  • They were raised to be family oriented and will remain to be one once they start their own family. Colombian brides have been taught since they were young to love their families. Families are very important in Colombia in every social class. The respect and affection they have for their family members is genuine, and you can be sure this will carry over once she raises her own family. And if you so desire, a family she will raise with you.

There is more than meets the eye when it comes to Colombian women. Not only are they graciously attractive, but they are also god-fearing, family-loving, and culturally respectful.

Cali Brides vs. Western Brides

A couple’s marriage will always be what they make it to be. That is true. But for some reason, whether it be culturally, spiritually, or socially, Colombian marriages tend to be more successful compared to western marriages.

Marriages in the US, for example, have a higher percentage of ending in divorce, in comparison to Colombia where it is almost nonexistent.

It is not to say that a western bride will love you less than a Cali bride will, perhaps it is simply an indication of how cultures can view marriages differently, and Cali women view marriages with high regard.

Wedding Traditions of Cali Women

Weddings are different for every couple, but there will always be something that every wedding ceremony has in common: following a certain tradition.

Colombians are no different when it comes to this. In fact, they adhere to the traditions even more strongly. A Cali woman will expect to be thrown a serenata or be serenaded by her groom-to-be, to be followed by drinks with family and friends on the night before her wedding day.

Most Colombian weddings are held in Catholic churches, as most Colombians are of the Catholic faith. These weddings can go from minimal to extremely extravagant. It is mostly considered a showcase of the wealth of the family of either the groom or bride or both.

During the wedding reception, there is one activity that will stand out throughout the night: dancing. Colombians love dancing, and they are good at it too. Prepare for an all-nighter of dancing with your Colombian bride, alongside your friends and family as you commemorate the wondrous occasion that is your wedding day. The night ends with the couple sharing a toast of alcohol before driving into the night for the first time as a married couple, while their friends and family remain to dance the night away.

It is a blessing to be married to a Cali woman. Not only are they beautiful on the outside, they are also on the inside. With our help, learn how to meet women in Cali, and take that first step to finding your significant other—a significant Cali woman.