Colombian Tourism | Architectural Wonders Around Cali, Colombia

A photo of some of the finest architectural works in Cali, Colombia.
Get to know some of the best architectural wonders in Cali, Colombia.

Cali is known for many things. Lively streets, rich culture, cheerful and friendly people, beautiful Colombian women, and of course, salsa dancing. These are some of the reasons why Cali is touted as one of the best cities to visit in Colombia. There is one thing about Cali, however, that is often overlooked: its architectural wonders.

Over the past few years, there has been a noticeable increase in Colombian tourism, and Cali is one of the major drivers of that. Most of the people who visit are mostly there for Salsa and to meet the lovely women. Those are very fair reasons to visit the city. But the next time you do, or if you’ve never been and are planning to, look around and look up. Check out the beautiful and majestic architecture in Cali, Colombia. Whether you are an architecture buff or not, these structures will surely leave you in awe.

  • La Tertulia Museum.
    This art museum in Cali hosts a wide collection of both American and Colombian art exhibits, but mostly the latter. The buildings themselves are an exhibition of what modern architecture can look like. The entire museum consists of three buildings. One is the main art gallery, the second an arthouse theater, and the third a workshop for restoration and printing of artworks.
  • Edificio Coltabaco.
    This building was constructed in 1934 and completed in 1936, during the 400th year anniversary of the founding of Cali. The building itself has hints of Renaissance and Arab architectural influences. Some consider it an architectural marvel and one of the most eye-catching buildings in all of Cali.
  • Iglesia La Ermita.
    This site didn’t use to be the architectural wonder that it is today. Before this hermitage stood, there was a previous one called Our Lady of Solitude and the Lord of the River. It was ruined because of an earthquake and was demolished to pave way to a new one. That new establishment is the Hermitage Church today.
  • Religious and Colonial Museum of San Francisco.
    What this place lacks in space, it makes up immensely in design. The structure dates back to Colonial times and the displays inside are nothing short of interesting. There are a lot of things in this museum that can help you learn more about the culture and history of Colombia so if you are traveling for the sake of learning more about Colombian culture, don’t miss out on this place.
  • Templo de la Virgen de La Inmaculada.
    Last, but definitely not the least, this majestic and ancient temple. The Temple of the Virgin of the Immaculate was built in honor of the Immaculate Virgin and it is one of the most awe-inducing structures in all of Cali.

So there you have it. Five of the most awe-inspiring architectural wonders in all of Cali. These structures make the city one of the most magical places in Colombia. Now, that is something you can keep in mind too when you visit the city. So, see the city, meet the lovely women, and visit these amazing structures.