National Lover’s Day Gifts: The Kinds of Flowers She Will Love

Flowers are the most common gifts you can give to a woman.

And they’re the standard gift for a reason.

white roses in pink bucket
Know what kinds of flowers you ought to give to your lover!

From common flowers to the most popular ones, whatever you give to a girl, will always be seen as romantic and sweet. But since it’s such a standard thing to do, you may need to up the ante.

There are so many kinds of flowers to give. Each of them has a different meaning. The color and amount you give also have significance, especially to certain countries.

If you’re having trouble picking what to choose, here are some of the most popular flowers for bouquets you should consider.

1. Camellias

Camellias are for faithfulness and longevity. They are native to Asian countries such as Japan and China. You can also find them in other countries, but they are not as ubiquitous as other common flowers.

If you get lucky and find a rare bunch of camellias, give it to your partner. During National Lover’s Day, it’s imperative that you celebrate how long you two have been together as a couple. Camellias, the flower for such an occasion, are perfect gifts in this case.

Tip: Get her a deeper shade of pink or red. They are for special celebrations.

2. Carnations

If you choose white carnations, know that they stand for pure love, while the pink ones are for admiration.

If you want to mix and match them, go for both colors. They are equally beautiful and will look great together in a bouquet.

Carnations also stand for other meanings, such as fascination, distinction, protection, healing, and strength. It all depends on the colors. To be on the safe side and if your aim is to be romantic, buy the white and the pink ones. You can even add a cute little note explaining the flowers’ meaning and the relevance of their colors.

3. Roses

 red and white roses
Roses are one of the most popular flowers to give to a woman.

You probably already saw this coming on this list.

One of the most popular flowers ever is roses. Every time you see a man woo a woman, they always give roses.

Roses symbolize love, affection, and prosperity. Red roses are famous for being the most romantic of all flowers. Women receive this on Valentine’s Day, and it perfectly conveys the message of love and desire.

They are the perfect flower to give on a day such as National Lover’s Day.

4. Tulips

They don’t just stand for love; they stand for perfect love. They’re what people hand out to those who can’t afford red roses. They are cheaper and cuter even though they lack in the blooming department.

They are the perfect gift for a classy lady. Though not as popular as roses, they are still beautiful with their long stems, thick bluish-green leaves, and bell-shaped flowers.

They can come in different colors, and you can choose which ones you want to give. Generally speaking, all tulips are safe to give to a woman. You can even add them to your roses if you want to make your bouquet more diverse. That or you can simply give her a bouquet full of tulips only.

To be clear, it’s the red ones that are more popular. They represent love the same way a red rose does. For saying sorry, give her white ones, in case you needed to apologize for something.

5. Sunflowers

With a name like that, of course, sunflowers are going to end up here too.

Sunflowers, like their namesake, stand for brightness and happiness. They also signify loyalty, something to convey during Lover’s Day. After all, you two wouldn’t be together this long without loyalty, right? Loyalty that stands against the test of time is rare nowadays so you better celebrate it.

You don’t need to worry about how rare they are. They grow all year round. You can buy her an entire bouquet of this or even just three stems. Or you could add them to your bouquet. Add a little sunshine if you must. They will surely brighten her day.

What flowers you should NEVER give her

In the event that you find the flowers below, take our advice: don’t give them to anyone and avoid them at all costs.

While they’re very pretty and a lot of ladies will love them despite their meaning, it’s still inadvisable to give any of them to anyone.

And here’s why:

1. Red Spider Lilies

If you don’t want to send your girlfriend an omen, avoid these red beauties.

While they’re gorgeous and very nice to look at, they’re not for gift-giving. Unless the one asking for it specifically asked for Red Spider Lilies – or if you’re trying to send a message to someone you despise – you should never give these.

They literally mean Death.

You will see them in shows, movies, and even edgy cartoons, often appearing whenever something grim is about to happen. If someone was about to die, this flower would probably appear.

So unless you want to give your girlfriend a heart attack, steer clear of these death flowers.

2. Orange Lilies/Tiger Lilies

While this one doesn’t stand for something as ominous as death, it won’t give you any bonus points for your girl either.

In Japan, they stand for hate and arrogance. If you want to tell someone you hate them, give them these. They’re as passive-aggressive as any gift can get. The only ones who understand your message are most probably flower enthusiasts too. Nevertheless, don’t give your girlfriend these flowers.

Flowers go best with surprise dates.

Who says you should stop at gifts? National Lover’s Day is essentially another Valentine’s Day, minus the commercialism. You can do what you did on February 14th, or you could catch up on what you missed.

Go on a date and try out exciting date ideas with her. Buying her a gift is nice, but nothing beats spending time with her on a romantic date or getaway. You can go on a vacation, or you can have a candlelit dinner somewhere expensive.

It doesn’t matter what you choose to do. If you think it’s a fun and special way to spend Lover’s Day together, then do it. It’s the memories you make that matter.