What to Get Colombian Women on Valentine’s Day

man kissing a woman, valentine’s balloons around them
You managed to find love, now find the perfect gift.

So it’s almost Valentine’s Day, and unlike the other Valentine’s Days you’ve endured in the past, you’ve actually managed to find love. You weren’t able to do it before, but you’ve managed to get it done this time and that’s really good for you.

But there’s just one major problem though. It’s been a while since you’ve been in a loving relationship, or any kind of romantic entanglement. As such, you’re kind of rusty when it comes to romancing someone, so you may not know how to build healthy relationships.

Plus, you don’t know how to romance Colombian women because they’re from a different culture than you. So you’re basically left with no idea of how to go about on Valentine’s Day and you’re getting worried because you don’t want to screw it up by not showing her a good time.

But you do have some idea of the basics when it comes to having a romantic time on Valentine’s Day. You know enough to make sure that you’ve got dinner planned. Either you’ve got reservations at a good restaurant or you’ve got the ingredients you need to make dinner at home.

But there’s one thing you neglected to plan for and now that February 14 is creeping closer and closer, you find yourself starting to panic because you feel time slipping away, because it is slipping away and you still haven’t gotten your partner anything for Valentine’s Day.

You rack your brain and you’ve got zilch. At this point, you might start to think that banging your head against the wall might loosen something in your brain and give you that burst of inspiration you need in order to get the perfect gift. Or you’ll just give yourself a concussion and make it even harder to come up with a gift idea.

But you don’t have to come up with ideas. Not all by yourself. No, you can just sit back, read a guide, and let the guide do the work for you.


Have you ever heard the phrase go big or go home? You probably have, given how prevalent the phrase can be in American sports media. But go big or go home isn’t exclusively applicable to sporting events. They can also apply when it comes to gifts for Valentine’s Day.

And there are fewer things that go big on Valentine’s Day than jewelry does. As far as gifts go, jewelry is as big as it gets.

An engagement ring

Now, jewelry goes big. But one particular piece of jewelry goes bigger than any other, and that piece is the engagement ring. An engagement ring is basically saying that you’re confident that it’s true love and that you’d like to make it as official as possible by putting it in writing and signing a marriage certificate.

man holding woman’s hand with engagement ring
Keep true love alive on Valentine’s Day.

A gift certificate

Do you know what a Colombian likes being? In control. Do you know what people generally have no control over? What other people get them as gifts. Now, while most people hope that their loved ones know them well enough to get them something nice, being in control is still pretty great.

Now, do you know how to get someone a nice gift while also allowing them to retain control over what they get? Simple, you get them a gift card.

A gift card may feel somewhat impersonal, and to a certain extent it is, but it also allows the recipient – the object of your affection – to have a choice when it comes to what they get on Valentine’s Day.

Another drawback of a gift card is that it can only be used in specific establishments. If you want to get around that particular limitation, cash also works. It’s just like a gift card, except it’s a lot more universal.

Some clothes

Now, if you want to give her something that’s a bit more personal and something that she’s going to actually use, then you can get her some clothes. But be forewarned that the women from Colombia are pretty stylish, so you’re going to have to get her some great pieces.

Another caveat you should be aware of is how women’s sizing can be all over the place. A Large in one store is a Medium in another and an Extra Large in another, so make sure to get your partner’s measurements before you go ahead and plop down some money on getting her a new wardrobe.

An experience

Material goods are great. People like having stuff. But the thing about stuff is that it either gets old or breaks down. That, or it just plain gets lost. But you know what doesn’t break down, get old, or get lost barring serious neurological degeneration? Memories. Memories aren’t as easily lost as material things are. You can misplace an item, but people don’t generally misplace memories.

So how do you give someone a memory? You give them an experience. Either book a really nice trip or get tickets to a concert, something that they’re going to remember for the rest of their lives, long after all the stuff you’ve given them has gotten lost, broken down, or just vanished into thin air as things are wont to do every now and then.

Couple kayaking during sunset
Improve your loving relationship with an unforgettable experience.


Do you want to know something that a lot of guys don’t know about women? How much money they spend on makeup. Even cheap, drugstore makeup can add up because of how often it has to be used.

And forget about good makeup. A haul at a good makeup store can bankrupt anyone who’s not a social media influencer. But maybe you can step in and lend a hand. Maybe buy her her favorite foundation or blush or lipstick. It’d be something she can use every day while also being something that’s romantic because it shows that you’re paying attention.

Valentine’s Day is an important day in American culture. It’s not an official holiday, but that doesn’t mean that you can just go ahead and ignore it, particularly if you’re in a romantic relationship.