Travel Advice | Best Places For Salsa Dancing In Cali Colombia

A photo of a man and a woman dancing to Salsa. Learn which places in Cali are best for Salsa dancing.

Cali is the Salsa Capital of the world. That is something a lot of us already know. Almost everywhere you go in the city, there is a bar around the corner that is specially created for Salsa dancing. On top of that, there is no shortage of studios in the city that cater to Salsa dancing lessons. Salsa hangs in the atmosphere all around the city and is a massive part of Colombian culture.

Salsa is also somehow a major contributor to the Colombian tourism sector. Every year, thousands of people fly to the city to witness and learn the dance on the capital itself. There are even festivals dedicated to the dance. That is how revered this kind of dance is in the city of Cali. If you’ll soon visit Cali, make sure to visit these places for the love of Salsa.

  • Zaperoco
    This place is one of the most popular dancing spots in the city, and most experts of dancers choose this place as their dance floor. This place is perfect if you want to see the best Colombian women and men dancers flaunt their moves.
  • Siboney
    The best travel advice you can get if you’re dating a Colombian woman who loves to dance in Cali is to take her to this club. Siboney is a dance club where people dance with their partners. A couple’s club, if you will. You will rarely see a single person come here to dance by himself/herself.
  • Topa Tolondra
    Another famous spot for Salsa dancing in Cali, this place is good for individuals who are traveling alone and are looking to dance with locals. The people in this bar mostly dance with strangers. Who knows, you might end up finding the love of your life here if you’re ever single and visiting the city.
  • Tin Tin Deo
    Tin Tin Deo is a perfect place for people who are beginners in Salsa or are visiting the city for the first time. This place has a perfect mixture of foreigners who are new to the city and locals who are willing to help and meet them.
  • Rincon De Heberth
    This place is probably where you’ll have the greatest time while in the city. A lot of people, both locals and tourists, come to this place to dance, drink, and meet people. It gets so lively that often the party reaches to the outside of the club. The people here stay up until 3 am just to dance and party. Make sure you don’t miss this place out.

Always adhere to this international travel tip: always learn what the city you are visiting to is known for best. In the case of Cali, it’s Salsa. It’s a major thing for most, if not everyone in Cali. If you want to meet a local single in Cali, learn about Salsa. If you’re already dating a Colombian, learn about Salsa. If you’re simply interested in learning about their culture, learn about Salsa. It’s a very lively culture. It will serve you well to be a part of it.