Exploring the Nightlife of Cali Colombia

A photo of people watching a live band performing at a bar in Cali Colombia
Learn more about the nightlife in Cali Colombia so you can visit some of the best night clubs in the city.

Colombia offers you two things — the picturesque travel destinations and a fun Colombian nightlife. Sure, wandering the busy streets of Colombia during the day allows you to see the beauty of it and experience the daily activities of Colombian people, but the real fun starts at night.

Each city in Colombia offers different nightlife experiences, but one of the cities that excels the most, besides Bogota and Medellin, is Cali Colombia. Well, it’s not called the salsa dancing capital of the world for no reason, right?

Considered the third largest city in the country, Cali offers its tourists the most fun nightlife experience by letting them dance to the rhythm of the catchy beats of salsa music. It doesn’t matter if you’re living in Colombia or planning to have a month-long vacation, the experience wouldn’t be complete without checking the incredible nightlife in Cali.

If you want to visit Cali to experience first hand the entertainment it offers at night, you should take note of the best nightlife hotspots in the city that you can visit anytime:

1. Zaperoco Bar

This bar is considered the best bar by locals and tourists alike. It offers great salsa music — from classic to modern, including a low-priced drink selection, a great atmosphere, and most importantly, friendly locals and staff. The bar also showcases local bands and musicians playing live music for an affordable fee. Some well-known Colombian artists even visit this place.

If you want to have a fantastic experience on your first day in Cali, Zaperoco bar is the best place for you!

2. BBC Bodega Carrera 72

If you’re a night owl who enjoys listening to great music while drinking a variety of thirst-quenching beers, then this place is right for you.

This bar is ideal for when you want to have fun with friends. If you are traveling to Cali, Colombia alone, you need not worry because Colombians who come here are very welcoming and friendly, especially Colombian women. When you visit this place, you can enjoy the best craft beers in the city and meet new friends.

3. Tin Tin Deo

If you are visiting Cali to meet your Colombian woman and you want to have an amazing date at one of the city’s best bars and clubs, Tin Tin Deo would be perfect for you. Unlike other bars and clubs in the city, this one is less crowded. You will still be able to share meaningful conversations with your lady while jamming to good salsa music.

This club has a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, which is why locals and tourists love to visit this place and stay until sunrise.

4. Martyn’s

Martyn’s is one the oldest clubs in Cali, but it still catches the attention of the locals, especially tourists. What makes this place different amongst others is that for some customers, Martyn’s feels like home.

With its great ambience, infectious salsa music, good drinks, great hosts, and fun locals, Martyn’s has everything you look for in a club. Well, this place would not have lasted for so long if it did not satisfy the fun nightlife cravings of locals and tourists, right?

5. Espacio T Cali

Nightlife in Cali does not only evolve in music and dancing, there are also places that offer shows, like Espacio T Cali. This place has three 15 to 20-minute short plays that customers enjoy over good food and drinks. The staff here are very welcoming and friendly, and they always ensure that their customers are satisfied and happy during their stay.

This place definitely has a different vibe than those other clubs and bars in Cali, but you can still enjoy and have fun with your Latina girlfriend, friends, or family. The place is also near several hotels in Cali, Colombia, so one could say that it is very convenient to visit.

6. La Social

If you want to experience a real party while in Cali, La Social is the best club to go to. This place has a wide array of music to offer, such as classic salsa, Anglo, contemporary, and reggaeton. This place is also great for birthday celebrations.

If you want to celebrate your birthday, or any other occasion at all, with your family and friends, La Social is the venue for you. This club has great music and a safe and fun environment.

7. The Cool Monday

In some countries, Monday nights are usually a work night. Even for some people, Monday is considered the week’s hell day. But that is not the case in Cali, especially here in The Cool Monday. Here, Colombians and foreign tourists enjoy an excellent selection of music and good drinks on a Monday night.

In Cali, you will love the first day of the week because you get to enjoy a great and friendly atmosphere and meet people from all over the world. So if you want to dance and have fun in Cali on a Monday night, The Cool Monday is the place for you.

8. Urbano Bar Restaurante

If you are a fancy club-goer type of traveler, the perfect place you should visit in Cali at night is the Urbano Bar Restaurante. This place is perfect for birthday celebrations and the like. The bar offers a variety of drinks, such as beers and cocktails. If we talk about the ambience, Urbano Bar Restaurante has a great one.

You can visit this place with your date, friends, and family and enjoy great food and drinks, excellent service, a relaxing environment, fantastic music, and salsa dancing all at once.

The Best Places in the City

Colombia, in general, has many great things to offer. Each city has a unique way of attracting tourists from all over the world, particularly Cali. The city has its way of satisfying its tourists with cultural and entertainment experiences, amazing travel destinations, and welcoming people.

So if you ask if Cali is worth visiting, the obvious answer would be yes. Traveling to the Southwest area of Colombia, you will not only experience and see historical and cultural wonders, but also the city’s fun and entertaining nightlife. The city is safe to travel to, especially for backpackers and single travelers, so you can visit Cali Colombia anytime.

What are you waiting for? Join our singles vacation tours in one of the most vibrant cities in Colombia and explore the nightlife in Cali Colombia first hand.