Dating a Latina | Unique Date Locations in Cali Colombia

 A photo of a dating a Latina and hugging her in the jungles of Cali Colombia Find out which places in Cali Colombia are the most unique date locations for a memorable romantic getaway.

Colombia is a well-known tourist destination. The country is a beautiful place that has an epic history, and full of awesome attractions. One of these places that people usually visit while in the country is the city of Cali, a quaint and laid-back city ideal for a romantic getaway.

The colorful and vibrant nature of Colombian culture is also very evident in Cali. It is best known for its love of Salsa music, perhaps even more so than the rest of the country. Almost everywhere you turn in the city center, you will arrive on a street with a bar or a restaurant that is playing Salsa music. At night, you will frequently see Colombian women and men, locals and tourists alike dancing to this particular genre. Other than that, the city also boasts multiple old structures and natural landscapes that are truly a sight to behold. With that said, here are a couple of spots in the city that are picture-perfect date ideas for couples all over the world.

  • Juanchinito
    This place is an epicenter for the aforementioned Salsa music. There are multiple bars in this neighborhood that play Salsa music for you and your partner to dance to. Even if you’re not that fond of dancing, just watching the people dance to what is considered to be the national music of the country is entertaining in itself. Besides, having an amazing time is a guarantee if you visit this place.
  • Barrio San Antonio
    Barrio San Antonio is a small neighborhood just outside the town center and is one of the oldest spots in Cali Colombia. This entire place is picturesque, vibrant, and it gives you the feeling of traveling back in time. The classical architecture and the colors of the environment burst out magically to provide a more traditional and romantic atmosphere. There are plenty of restaurants in the area if you want to sit down and grab a meal with your partner, or you can simply walk around the area to ponder the entire vibe. Whatever it is you choose to do, visiting the area is surely a surreal and romantic experience.
  • El Cerro De Las Tres Cruces
    Known as The Hill of Three Crosses in English, this place is perfect if you and your partner love to take hikes on scenic trails. The place gives an amazing view of the whole city. Conversely, El Cerro De Las Tres Cruces can also be seen from anywhere in the city center, so it’s a place you surely cannot miss.
  • La Feria De Cali
    You cannot visit Cali without checking out the most important cultural event of the city. Salsa marathons, horse riding contests, parades, and concerts are just some of the many things that you will get to experience at this festival. You and your partner should not miss this celebration of culture. It will provide you with a better outlook on a rich culture, and love will undoubtedly flourish when spending time here.

Cali is indeed the perfect place for couples who want to enjoy, have fun and/or relax for a couple of days. You can choose to walk around the city and it will already be a romantic moment for couples, or visit the Salsa bars at night for your romantic date night ideas, or check out the unique architectures of the city and festivals to further your knowledge on Colombian culture. Whether you are dating a Latina or not, Cali is a place that will provide you with a romantic getaway.