Indicators of Interest Colombian Women Recognize

A photo of a man and woman looking intently at each other
Use your body language to let Colombian women know you’re interested.

There are a lot of men throughout the world who have a romantic interest in Colombian women, and many of these men are aware of what they need to do in order to connect with such women. They know which online dating platform they need to use, what pictures they need to put on their profiles, and they have all the documents they need to travel to Colombia and meet these women.

A good number of these men are even going to be aware of the indicators of interest that Colombian ladies will show to signal that they are doing well, and that the date is trending in a direction that is positive. These men know what positive body language will be displayed so as to indicate an interest that is romantic.

Most guys can probably recognize that a girl playing with her hair can be an act that is flirtatious, much in the same way that they can recognize that a girl scowling is a pretty good example of negative body language.

But while a lot of guys are, to various extents, aware of how a girl can show that she is interested, many of them do not know how to do the same. A lot of guys who have a romantic interest in someone can find themselves having some difficulty expressing that interest for a wide variety of reasons.

Some guys are shy, some guys do not want to come across as being too forward, and some guys are just unsure of how they feel and of how much they truly want out of a relationship.

But there are a few things that guys can do that can tell the woman that they are with that they are indeed interested, and that such interest is indeed romantic in nature.

1. Saying It Outright

A lot of people use verbal communication. They use their mouths to make sounds, and those sounds are thus understood by other people to mean specific things. That’s kind of how words work.

Sometimes, words can also be used to indicate feelings. A guy who wants to show a woman that he is interested can just outright say that he is interested. A language barrier may be in place, but finding a phrase to indicate romantic interest in someone’s language shouldn’t be too hard.

2. Eye to Eye

The thing about eye contact is that it can be pretty useful in a lot of situations. It can be an indicator of respect, an indicator of defiance, or in some circumstances, it can be fairly romantic.

A soft, caring look in the eyes while looking at someone can be an indicator of interest. The same look while looking someone in the eye can be almost the same as stating romantic feelings outright.

3. Leaning In

Most people understand the importance of body language, and they know what gestures mean one thing, and which gestures mean something else entirely. Many people are even aware that context can give new meaning to specific gestures.

Keeping your arms crossed can be defensive in some circumstances, and having your arms folded can mean business in other circumstances. In the same vein, an open stance with arms outstretched can be a signal for a hug in some circumstances, and a challenge in others.

Leaning into someone and angling your body towards theirs can be a great indicator of interest. Body language is a very good way to gauge a person’s emotional state. Some people don’t always know when they’re positioning themselves in certain ways.

4. Future Perfect

When men go on dates with Colombian women, a lot of them find themselves wanting to go on more dates. But a lot of these men also get nervous at the prospect of more dates, even if the one that they are currently on is going well.

But making plans for dates in the future can be a pretty clear way of signaling interest. For example, Person A is on a date with Person B, and Person A mentions that they have a social engagement, like a wedding or something, a few months down the line. Person A then invites Person B to be their plus-one to the event, indicating that they fully intend to still be with Person B a few months down the line.

That kind of planning can show a pretty high level of commitment, and that level of commitment can be strongly indicative of interest, and it can be a pretty good sign that the relationship is going well.

5. Little Trinkets

When it comes to courtship, there is a tradition wherein one person presents gifts to the other. Sometimes, it can be a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates, and sometimes, it can be a stuffed animal of some sort which was won at a game of skill and strength at a carnival, county fair, or amusement park.

In any case, a gift that you put a lot of thought into can let someone know that you’re thinking of them. If you get a woman a gift that she really loves, then it can show that you know her and have been paying attention to the things that she likes and dislikes, which can be a pretty strong sign that you’re into her.

6. Flying Out

Sometimes, a man who dates a Colombian woman does not live in Colombia, while the woman does, which makes dating a little difficult because of all the distance between them. But flying out to see someone can be pretty good for the relationship.

Traveling is a commitment in itself. Don’t mind how the tickets themselves cost quite a pretty penny or two, as well as how the time and planning involved can make it a bit of a chore. But if a guy decides that the chore is worth it, then it may be because he feels that the end result - getting to see the woman for whom he has romantic feelings - is what he needs.

Dating Colombian women can present some obstacles, not the least of which is that the vast majority of these ladies cannot read minds. But there are a few things that you can do to let these women know that you are interested.