Little Things Colombian Women Focus On While Dating

Man on a date with Colombian woman Send out the right signs so as to best find love with a Colombian woman.

Dating is kind of like a dance because it takes at least two to tango. But like actual tango, paying attention to your partner is important to avoid stepping on your partner’s toes. Dating Colombian women is kind of like that in the sense that you have to be careful not to step on anyone’s toes so as to avoid rejection.

Now, while you’re dating, there are things that you are likely to focus on the Colombian girl that you are with. There is nothing wrong with checking online dating statistics, but don’t let that color your judgment of your Colombian date. To get a perception of her, it helps to pay close attention.

Naturally, while you are focusing on her, the Colombian woman that you are with is also going to pay close attention to you. You may have read a ton of online dating articles, but those articles don’t give you the ability to read her mind.

Luckily, some of the things that your date is focusing on should be kind of easy to figure out. Once you know what will likely catch her attention, you can adjust your behavior accordingly.

1. Your Smell

The thing about the sense of smell is that it is closely linked to memory. While your date may notice that you smell good on the outset, the positive effects of smelling good can come into play much later, when she is reminiscing on the date and debating whether or not to go on another one.

So make sure to spritz on some cologne before heading out the door. But be careful not to put on too much, because that may overwhelm your date and maybe even give her a headache, which is not going to be all that great for your chances at going out with her again.

Now, if you’re travelling and can’t carry a bottle (because liquids past a certain volume aren’t allowed on carry-on luggage), you can always buy a bottle of cologne at an airport duty free. Those shops usually have a pretty decent selection of scents for sale.

But do remember to be conservative with the cologne. Too much can be a bad thing for your love life.

2. Your Profile

When it comes to online dating, there are few things as important as your profile. The woman who might be your soulmate is going to look through your profile, checking to see if there are any red flags that she should be looking out for.

So make sure that your profile is in top shape so as not to scare off Colombian women. The list of online dating websites where profile is not going to matter pretty much starts and ends at zero.

3. Your Clothes

Part of a date is making sure that the woman you are with is in a position wherein she is able to feel special. Part of making that happen is by dressing up properly.

By putting on a nice outfit, you are sending an outward signal to your date. You are indicating that she is so important to you that you consciously decided to put in the extra effort and put together a nice outfit.

There are a lot of great fashion blogs you can read and men’s magazines that you subscribe to or pick up in order to best put together an outfit for a date.

4. Your Smile

When you’re swiping left and right on dating apps, the people on whom you swipe do not see you. When you’re sending messages, they do not see you. But when you are on a date, in the real world, in the same place at the same time, then they can see you.

This of course means that they are able to see the look on your face. Now, if you spend the date scowling, then that’s going to have an effect on your date. Scowling throughout the date is going to make the woman that you are with feel like maybe you’d rather be somewhere else—or worse, with someone else.

So put on a smile if you are on a date, because that’s going to make the woman that you are with feel like you’re at least somewhat satisfied with her company.

5. Your Body Language

Of course, your facial expression is not the only way to outwardly express what you’re feeling. Your posture, gestures, and mannerisms can also subconsciously send signals to your date.

Leaning into someone can be a great indicator that you are at least somewhat fond of their presence, which is a great signal to send when you are on a date with someone that you might potentially want to be with for the rest of your life.

6. Your Words

Of course, there is one way to let your date know that you are into them. That way is to outright say it. Using your words is a great way to let someone know that you are into them.

Of course, just blurting it outright may not be well received. The trick to letting someone know that you’re into them is to say it in a way to which they will be receptive.

This does not mean being smooth. After all, not everyone can be good with words because some people have a little bit of inexperience when it comes to dating. To remedy this, it helps to think what you have to say first instead of spewing without thought.

7. Your Gift/s

Of course, one last way to show that you’re into someone is to get them a gift. Nothing major. Maybe some flowers or a stuffed animal of some sort.

Gifts are kind of part and parcel of dating. When dates happen at a carnival, there’s almost an expectation that one person will win a prize for their date. So it’s nothing new to bring a gift for your date when you are on a date.

So make it a point to learn how to non verbally or verbally, express the way that you feel. That’s because your date is going to be on the lookout for these signs. Colombian women want to feel like they are worth something, so it’s on you to make sure that they do when you’re dating them.