Redeeming Yourself in the Hearts of Colombian Women

Man and woman arguing while wearing jackets
Learn to recover romantically by watching a romantic comedy

More often than not, a person can make a mistake. That is pretty much part and parcel of being human and is also an essential part of living life. Because of that, there will be many mistakes made, even when it comes to the realm of dating Colombian women and trying to be in a relationship.

These mistakes can extend to the love life as well. Lots of guys, especially the ones who do not have that much experience with dating, can make a lot of mistakes when dating. It can be somewhat difficult to be a smooth operator when you do not have a wealth of experience to refer to. There are many problems marrying a Colombian woman and striking out with one can be a pretty big problem for a guy who is trying to marry a Colombian woman.

There are a lot of mistakes that can be made. But while these mistakes can be made, these mistakes can also be corrected. Sure, some mistakes may be too much to be corrected, but there are a few mistakes that are generally made that can be corrected without much issue. Sure, there will be some issues, but those issues can be fixed. Because if there is one lesson to be learned from romantic comedy movies, it is that there is always a chance to fix things.

It is a lot like kindergarten. When you do something wrong, your teacher makes you make amends. One of the characteristics of a Colombian woman might just be the one that lets her give you a second chance. So if you get that chance to fix your boo-boo, here are some steps to take:

1. Understand What You Did

The very first step in being able to make amends is to understand that there is something that needs to be fixed in the first place. A simple apology will not always be enough by itself unless the reasoning behind the apology is also there. Without it, an apology can come across as hollow and empty. So the first step in correcting a mistake is to understand that there was a mistake in the first place.

Some people can understand their mistakes immediately. As soon as they make them and then immediately recognize the amends that they need to make.

Other people are a little bit more obtuse when it comes to their mistakes. Some people never realize that any kind of wrong was committed at all. Other people can understand what they have done after a while. Others can only understand that they have committed a wrong if someone holds their hand and explains the concept of right and wrong to them.

2. Apologize for the Thing that You Did

The simplest and most direct way to make amends to Colombian women is to acknowledge that a mistake was made in the first place and the best way to accomplish that particular task is to apologize. Not only does it convey that you did something wrong, but also that you are willing to show remorse for the wrong thing you did.

So if you do find yourself on the outs with the woman that you are courting on dating apps, make sure to craft a decent enough apology that she is convinced to give you another shot and invest more of her time with whatever courtship you have going on.

3. Correct Your Behavior

One great way to show that you are well and truly remorseful for whatever action that you have committed is to commit to being better. Say something insensitive comes out of your mouth. You can analyze your words, figure what it was you said that was wrong, realize that it was wrong, understand the background as to why it was wrong, and then try to be better moving forward.

Correcting your behavior is a great way to show to your potential partner that you are capable of growth. Being able to improve as a person is kind of an important part of a relationship, whether said relationship is romantic or otherwise.

4. Send a Care Package

For a lot of men, making a mistake generally means having to stop by a florist for a bouquet of flowers and the candy shop for a box of chocolates (and maybe a small stuffed animal of some kind).

But when you are virtual dating a foreign woman who is more than likely to be in a country that is quite far from your own, dropping by a couple of shops before dropping by your partner’s place may not be the most practical or doable of solutions.

But you can send a care package to a Colombian city, and said package can include the aforementioned stuffed animal and chocolates. The flowers may not be the most practical of gifts since they are pretty perishable and are not likely to travel well, so shipping a bouquet may not be all that feasible.

5. Play It Off with a Joke

Now, this may not be the most reliable of strategies, but when it works, it works really well. Humor is a great asset when dating and, sometimes, being able to play off a mistake and turn it into a joke will show off your sense of humor. Being funny can be very attractive towards certain women, and it can show that you do not take yourself too seriously. Colombian dating culture, and dating culture in general, places an emphasis on humor.

6. Do Nothing and Hope that It All Blows Over

Sometimes, there is no need to fix a thing. Sometimes, the mistake that is made is so inconsequential that there is no need to immediately make amends. All parties involved simply shrug their shoulders and move on with the courtship because no one got hurt anyway and making a fuss might be more effort than it is worth.

So there are times when it is perfectly okay to do nothing, just hope for the best, and that everything just goes ahead and blows over. Because sometimes, things do just settle down. It is a lot like a bug. You just need to let it sit for a day or so and then you will feel a lot better.

Dating Colombian women can be a great thing. But trying to get it started can mean stumbling. But a stumble does not mean having to stay down. You can get back up and redeem yourself.