The Importance of Communication When Trying to Find Love

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Learn how to strike up a conversation with women in your journey to find love.

It's not always easy to find love these days, especially with so many strategies and dating services that aim to help you find your other half — your life partner.

But while a matchmaking service can help two people meet and get together, it can’t make an actual relationship happen. It can facilitate an arrangement, but what happens between two people after that is anyone’s guess. A matchmaker app can make all the heart animations and advertisements it wants, but it can’t forge a romantic connection between two people.

Many pieces of love advice talk about how you can make a good first impression on women you want to date, or how to behave when you're in one. But the thing about a date is that it is usually agreed upon by two people, and in order to get someone to agree to go out on a date with you, there has to be a conversation.

However, conversations, which are mostly an exchange of thoughts and feelings that are put into words, don’t just appear out of thin air. Someone will need to initiate the discussion. Then again, not everyone understands the subtle art of taking that approach.

Of all the dating tips available for you out there, the most necessary one will probably be how to start a conversation. You can’t get to step 2 without dealing with step 1 first.

1. A Simple Hello

This is probably the safest bet when it comes to communicating with another person. It’s not as elaborate or as imaginative as engaging in an intellectual conversation, but there’s also a lot less room to make mistakes.

A simple greeting is almost foolproof in terms of initiating an interaction with someone online or in real life. It may not result in success immediately, but it’s not likely to result in being ghosted or having a drink thrown in the face, either.

Greeting someone with a simple hello is similar to having plain toast. It may lack any real sense of flair or originality, but there’s also nothing about it that can be construed as offensive in any way.

2. A Series of Emojis

This one is a bit riskier, largely because emojis can be pretty easy to misinterpret. But opening up with a series of emojis can be quirky and funny, and it might actually work.

If a simple hello is plain toast, then a series of emojis is a potentially incomprehensible pat of butter.

3. Something Artistic

One way for you to open up a communication channel with someone you potentially want to find love with is to start with something artistic. You can use a verse from your favorite poem, or lyrics from your favorite song.

This is a great way to show off your creative and literary side, something that a lot of people either don’t have or outright ignore.

There’s a fair amount of women seeking men who have a bit of an artistic flair and creativity. It shows that there’s a certain level of depth to them, and a good number of women are easily drawn to a man with substance.

4. A Picture

There’s an old saying about how a picture is worth a thousand words, or something to that effect. However, the main risk of sending a picture as a first message to someone you're interested in can be similar to sending emojis — it is incredibly easy to misinterpret the intent behind the image used.

If sending a picture is your chosen method, then the picture has to be picked carefully so as to not blow your chances of making a good first impression. And remember, first impressions almost always last.

Now, the main issue here can be with the image itself. A picture of your face won’t generally be seen as offensive. Other body parts may seem a little risky, but still acceptable. Anything too forward, however, may earn you a rejection.

5. Wait For the Other Person To Start

Another way to establish communication with someone is to wait for them to initiate it themselves. Sometimes, it can be difficult to write the perfect prose that will melt a woman's heart, let alone say it, but being able to respond to a conversation is relatively easy. At least it gives you a feel of the energy your potential partner is giving off.

The main drawback to this is that there are some women out there who like it when a man takes the initiative, so they’ll never take the lead. This can lead to a missed opportunity that could’ve been something real — something great.

6. A Joke

Starting a conversation with a potential romantic partner can be awkward. The prospect of starting a new relationship is enough to make some of the bravest men in the world quake in their boots.

A great way to break the ice is to start off with a joke. Women like a man with a good sense of humor, and a joke that ends well can be a great way to start a relationship, or at least begin a courtship.

The drawback here is that not everyone has a sense of humor, so not everyone will get it, and some won't even appreciate it. Sending a joke that doesn’t land with the right audience, and in this case, the woman you’re trying to get with, can end in a solid rejection, or at least a bad first impression.

7. A Question

One of the mainstays of online dating is your profile, and one of the pillars of your profile is the photo gallery. A person puts their best pictures in their gallery, the ones that best showcase their personality, so you would basically have to do the same.

But sometimes, the pictures you put on your profile can show enough of you without giving the whole story. This is by design. Some people curate their online profiles in a way that invites questions, as questions can be pretty good conversation starters.

So go ahead and take the bait. Ask a question that turns into a conversation that will in turn transition into a courtship. Even if asking a question won’t play out the way you want it to, at least you gave it a shot.

Trying to find love is a hard thing. Even when you see someone who you think might be the one, there’s still the difficult task of making the approach. It’s a nerve-wracking experience, but once it’s done, and when done right, it can lead to a lifetime of happiness.