Love Advice | 5 Steps to Resolve an Argument When Dating a Latina

A photo of a woman looking disappointed, with her man in the background.
Find out how you can peacefully resolve an argument when dating a Latina.

Arguments are inevitable when two people who are passionate and care about each other have spent such a long time together. Along the road, there will be a scenario where a difference of opinion and perspective will arise and this can lead to an argument. Every relationship goes through one, romantic or otherwise. When dating someone passionate, intelligent, and outspoken, like a Colombiana, an argument is bound to happen one way or another. This is something that can likely happen when you are dating a Latina, especially a Colombian lady.

Colombian women are known not only for their astounding beauty but also for their fierce attitudes. Whenever they believe in or care about something, they fight for it. You, as a lover of a Colombiana, can be a recipient of that passion. Every so often, however, you are going to have to deal with disputes. A totally normal occurrence. When that happens, be sure that you know how to react accordingly.

Here are pieces of dating advice for guys who are going through an argument with their Colombian girlfriend, and if you’re not, at least, these will help you prepare for them in the future:

  • Avoid raising your tone.
    As hard as it sounds, do your absolute best not to raise your tone. This will only further aggravate your already angry Latina woman and add gasoline to the flame. As much as possible, be rational and think of your words wisely before you speak them, and say them in a natural manner.
  • Take a walk.
    One of the best things you can do is to simply take a breather outside and take a walk after an argument. This will allow you to compose yourself, gather your thoughts, and calm down.
  • Get a familiar drink or comfort food.
    While taking a stroll, get yourself something that can help ease you down. A drink or food will do. Colombian culture offers a lot of delicious delicacies. Find one for you. Doing this will help you remember better times and put you in a better mood, preparing you to finally put your mind at ease enough to form rational thoughts after an argument.
  • Evaluate how the argument started, and how it can be resolved.
    What caused the argument in the first place? How did it escalate? Why did it escalate? Ask yourself questions that can help you formulate a compromise or a resolution. Once you do, return to your partner and propose what you think is the best way to resolve your problem. Your partner will surely appreciate that.
  • Make sure to resolve, not set aside.
    When dealing with arguments, make sure you reach an actual resolution that solves the problem instead of merely shelving it. That way, you wouldn’t have to deal with the same problem again in the future.
    If you simply set a problem aside for the sake of getting the situation over with, there will be a lingering negative emotion that will surround you two and that issue will come back in the future.

There is probably no legitimate formula for avoiding an argument altogether. It is simply something that is a part of every relationship. No matter how tight the relationship is, an argument will always happen. One of the best relationship tips for couples, however, is mastering the resolution. And of course, maturing as a couple.

Arguments will still happen one way or another and there’s no amount of love advice that can help you avoid them. There’s just really no way around it. What matters is that you handle them in a way that will help you both grow individually and as a couple.