How to Dress for a Date with Colombian Women

Man in a suit Learn how to dress up for a date and win Colombian women’s hearts!

The first date can be exciting and at the same time nerve-wracking. You will probably be wondering if you would get along. You may also be rehearsing fillers in case of awkward silence. You might be worried about how it ends. And to make you worry more, you do not know how to dress for a date.

Thirty seconds (or less) is all it takes to form a killer first impression. Beautiful Colombian women could intimidate you, so you have to be in your best dress to get their attention. But what should you wear? How should you look? Here’s how you can make those few seconds count:

Remain true to who you are.

Most people, when they go on a date, they think of revamping their looks. The truth is, this is not a good time for a wardrobe change. What you need to do is to find the best with what you already own. You have chosen this style before because you feel great in it, so stick to it and just be yourself.

Dress to feel comfortable.

Consider where you are going or the activities you will be doing during the date. If it requires walking, like strolling around the beautiful spots in Colombia, then choose an easy outfit. Choose a presentable shirt and a pair of chinos. Your shoes should be comfortable too. You would not want to ruin a date because your feet hurt.

If you have dinner plans, wear a suit. If it is at a fine-dining restaurant, wear something formal of neutral colors. If it is not that fancy and you are planning to go somewhere else aside from dinner, you can still wear a shirt and top off your look with a blazer or a sport coat.

The most important thing is to feel comfortable with what you are wearing. You have to make sure your snappy look can still allow you to breathe properly and move freely throughout the date.

Avoid boxy clothes.

Yes, we are advocating comfortability, but we are not telling you to wear baggy clothes. Choose the ones that fit your body. Pick out clothes that accentuate your best features. You may be thinking about concealing the parts of your body that you hate by wearing loose clothing, but what you really need to do is identify which clothes are good for your body shape.

Triangle, inverted triangle, and rectangle are some common body shapes for men. You have to inspect your body shape before choosing what to wear.

Vertical stripes and jackets with structured shoulders are best options if you have a triangle-shaped body. This style can give an illusion that you have a proportional body.

Buying clothes for men with inverted triangle-shaped bodies can be challenging. The trick is to make your lower body look like it has added bulk. Choose T-shirts with regular v-necks for a narrow chest illusion. Chicken legs can be emphasized by skinny jeans, so avoid wearing those. Choose slim fit pants or trousers instead.

Usually, tall and thin men have rectangular body shapes. You should focus on making your shoulders look wider. Shirts with horizontal stripes across the upper torso are good. Layering your clothes can effectively add instant bulk to your body.

No matter what your body shape is, one of the tips on how to dress for a date is to make sure to pick a style that would focus on giving you a better shape.

Choose a color that suits you.

There must be an outfit that whenever you wear it, people compliment you. If people have praised you before with that look, then you must really look good in it.

Check that outfit again and wear that kind of shade and style when you go on a date. Doing so will make you feel confident because you know that color suits you.

Groom yourself properly.

Part of learning how to dress for a date is learning how to properly groom yourself. It is good to have a haircut, but make sure you have tried that style before. Just like your looks, it would be too risky to make a drastic change with your hair. You might regret it later. Choose a style that would make you look neat. Also try to avoid your hair from covering your face so that you date can see your eyes clearly.

Shaving your beard can also give you a clean look. But if you look better with it, you can trim it. Fingernails should also be cleaned. You can visit a salon to have it taken care of, and there is nothing to be ashamed of.

Use cologne or aftershave moderately. Wearing too much will be off-putting and can make her move away from you, which is going to be a recipe for a failed date.

These things seem to be little. But every detail brings out a better version of you, which is important for you to have a successful first date.

Why Dress Sharp on the First Date?

It is important to get her attention with how you look. Yes, a person can love you beyond your appearance, but physical attraction actually matters when you first meet. This may not be a common advice on dating Colombian women, but how you look can help set the mood of the date.

You also have to remember that she will be dressing up for you too. So return the favor and make yourself look good as well. Doing so is also a sign of respect, and a woman can always remember that.

Another reason why you should dress well on the first date is because it brings out your social skills. Because you are confident that you look presentable with your date night outfit, you will be able to interact well and create a welcoming impression to Colombian women.

Like you, your date will also be gathering clues on who you are, and it would not only be coming from what you say. Your looks can also give hints about what you do, what you like, and what your attitude is. Knowing how to dress for a date reveals a lot about you, so give it your best shot. Being able to create a package of yourself can make her say yes to the next date.