Colombian Women | 5 Good Questions to Ask Them on Dates

A photo of a man and a woman having a date in a coffee shop. Know the right questions to ask Colombian women when on a date with one.

Dating is fun. That’s a factual statement. Even if a date goes wrong, you can always laugh it off and learn from your mistakes so it won’t happen again. If it goes well, then all the better! You can now be part of a meaningful and intimate relationship. You will, however, reach a point in your life where you want your date to succeed, especially if you really like the woman, or if you’re looking to settle down already. And meeting beautiful Colombian women from Cali can make you feel this way. Once you’re on a date with one of them and start getting to know each other, you will immediately want that date to succeed.

Dating someone from a foreign country can be tricky for the inexperienced. Cultural differences should be taken into account because there may be certain things that are normal for you but not with her. There might be things she finds off-putting but are completely ordinary to you. So when dating a Latina, you always have to be careful with the things that come out of your mouth. And since you’ll be getting to know each other, here are some ideal questions to ask a Colombian girl that you might want to consider:

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  • “Tell me about your family.”
    Being family-oriented is a major aspect of Colombian culture. If you ask about her family, she will end up telling you a lot of things about it. A Colombian woman just loves her family incredibly. When she talks about her family after you ask about it, be sure to listen intently.
  • “Do you like dancing?”
    You can trust that she’ll definitely say yes. It’s simply in the blood of Latinas to love dancing. This question might even lead you both to head to a club so you can hit the dance floor!
  • “What do you like doing in your free time?”
    Instead of asking what she does for a living, ask what she does in her free time. If you really want to know about her job, chances are it will come up even if you don’t ask her about it. This approach is better because it’s less upfront and it will allow her to talk about the things she loves doing.
  • “Is there anything in your country you haven’t seen yet but want to?”
    This will make her start talking about the wonders of her country, her need for adventure, and her undying urge to wander. Since you’re the one on a date with her, she might unknowingly picture you being with her at one of those places. And as a major plus, you’ll get the chance to learn more about her country.
  • “Am I doing okay?”
    Last, but not least, don’t be afraid to ask her how you’re doing on your date. After all, the date is not just about her, it’s about you as well. A Colombian woman appreciates a gutsy man. She might even find it endearing. Just don’t come off too arrogantly when asking this question.

Those are 5 very good questions you can ask Colombian women during a romantic date. Remember, these are just pointers. There are a lot of gaps you have to fill in to make the date night extra special. Just remember not to be too off-putting. Be mindful, and don’t be paranoid or uptight. She will want you to feel relaxed. Most of all, have fun! Be natural. Whether you’re interested in dating or marrying a Colombian woman, you will still have to entice them during the first date. If you’re still looking for one, feel free to sign up on our site today and start meeting beautiful Latinas so you can establish a meaningful relationship with one!