How to Find Love in Cali Colombia | Salsa Your Way into a Cali Woman's Heart

A photo of a man and a woman dancing
Learn more about salsa and why it can help you find love in Cali, Colombia.

Salsa is the beating heart of Cali, Colombia’s performance art. Everywhere you go in Cali, there is Salsa music playing in the vicinity or in the distance. It hangs in the atmosphere of the city and the people love it. Almost everybody in Cali dance Salsa. They don’t only dance it, they dance it well. If you want to find love in Cali or talk to the women on this site who are from Cali, you are going to have to consider learning the dance too.

The women of Cali are ideal partners. They are gorgeous to the bone, loyal to the right man, loving, caring, and they are absolutely sexy. If you want to date anyone from anywhere, a basic dating tip is to learn about their general interests. In this case, if you are planning on dating a Latina from Cali, you need to learn about Salsa.

  • It originated in Cuba.
    Like other Latin dance styles such as mambo and tango, Salsa comes from a small island in Cuba. It is a mixture of other dances such as the Son Cubano, cha-cha, bomba, and rumba.
  • Moving to the United States.
    Many musicians from Latin America moved to the United States to try and penetrate the big industry. It is during this time that the dance and music we know today as Salsa got its name. A record label called “Fania Records” saw the potential of the genre and thought it deserves its own branch. Many Salsa legends were signed with Fania Records.
  • Definition.
    Salsa, or sauce in Latin America, is a condiment that is a mixture of different spices and ingredients. Just like Salsa (the sauce), the dance is also a mixture of different styles of dance.
  • Styles.
    There are several types of Salsa dance. There is the Afro-Latino Salsa, popular in the Carribean region, the Colombian Cali Salsa, Cuban Salsa, the Los Angeles Salsa, Miami Style, New York Style, and Rueda de Casino.
  • Cultural impact.
    Today, the music is practiced and beloved in many different parts of the world, but none more so than the city of Cali in Colombia. Cali is dubbed the “Salsa Capital of the World”, and rightfully so. As mentioned, everywhere in Cali you will hear Salsa music. There are even massive festivals dedicated to the event. There are also major worldwide competitions for Salsa and is attended by a plethora of people from all around the world.

You can learn the dance virtually anywhere in Cali. There are numerous dance studios with highly talented coaches that are more than willing to school you in the art for a decent price. Learning the dance is not only a good tip for dating Colombian women, but it is also a good activity overall. You will enjoy and potentially meet the lovely women of Cali in the process. Respect the art, love the art, and the art will provide you with the opportunity of finally having a beautiful and decent life partner. Now that you know about the art, it’s time to learn and master it. Once you are done with that, go ahead and find yourself a Cali woman and make her swoon for you on the dance floor.