LOST IN TRANSLATION or Lost in Dating Colombianas?

Foreign men solo travel to Cali often just to extend their love options with Colombian women. Might there be anything wrong with the women they date locally or is it perhaps the men are not considered a catch back home?

Reality hits foreign men when they see the vast romantic opportunities available in South America. Despite the progressive advancements of their countries, foreign men still dream of romantic connections with a traditional woman they can trust to build a family with. In most cases, their local women have a more independent view of things, which leaves foreign men single and considering dating beyond borders.

Most Latinas on the other hand have remained true to their roots. As much as the colorful Latin culture has continued to be instilled within the minds of Colombian women and men, traditional family values have remained intact as well. With this, many foreigners discover a way to guaranty a match with the Colombian woman of their dreams with the help of matchmaking agencies in Cali.

Foreign men go on to ace live interactions with Colombianas at meet and greet events where fulfilling their dream romantic connections with Latinas can become reality. If foreign men seek traditional women, Latinas on the other hand wish to find a more open-minded man.