Cali - Colombia’s Hottest Women | Solo Travel VLOG

Single men from many parts of the world had been exploring their dating options by traveling solo to Colombia and meeting beautiful Colombian women. One Latin client shares his experience of a romantic solo trip.

Cali, Colombia is one of the most visited international dating venues both for local Latin women and foreign men. Dating agencies or matchmakers arrange dating events in this Colombian city, there are so many interesting activities participants have to look forward to like personal introductions, the socials, speed dating and city tours.

The social events are conducted in large hotel banquet rooms or private entertainment complexes fully catered with light music. It is an invitation-only event and optimized for you to find someone special. You will have the opportunity to meet hundreds of Colombian women, who are attending the events for one reason only, that is to meet you.

Introductions will never be a problem, just let one of the matchmaking staff know who would you like to meet and you will be introduced. Most women understand some English, some speak it fluently, interpreters will be around to help you communicate.