HUSBAND REQUIREMENTS: What Colombian Women Want

Colombian women have always been regarded by many as passionate lovers. This conclusion may have come from either dating a Latina, watching “Telenovelas”, or just simply having a Colombiana acquaintance. Either way, Colombian women seem to evidently love being in love. With this, men who dream of passionate connections ask, what do Latin women require in a potential lover?

There may be two important C’s to note when trying to ace live introductions with women in Cali: character and chemistry. Both of these work hand in hand and need to exist in a guy for a Latin girl to consider him.

Do conversations go smoothly with your Latina date? Great! However, things may change once you get to know each other deeper and if Colombian women see you don’t guaranty to match the kind of character she requires her man to have. Do you do all the right things on dates? Do both of your values align? That’s nice, but if it doesn’t feel right then that’s not too good for Colombian girls.

It seems like a great risk for men to be going out of their way to find love in Colombian culture. Winning over a good Latina does take effort, but it proves to be worth it. Many foreigners have come and gone to Colombia unexpectedly finding success in love. Many more Latinas like Sara have been patiently waiting for someone to prove their ideals on love.