DEAL BREAKER: What Latinas NEVER Want In A Man

Colombian women often win the hearts of foreigners looking to guaranty a match by dating beyond borders in the magic city of Cali. Despite adopting modern beauty trends to enhance what already can be considered the timeless Latina beauty, most Colombian women still hold traditional values close to their hearts. With that being said, Colombianas look for a kind of man who can prove to be a passionate future life partner.

Do Latina women in Cali truly believe foreign men coming to date them via speed dating hold the same traditional values?

Perhaps when foreign men dream of real connections all the way to another country, and a completely different culture at that– there must be a strong desire for something more serious with Colombian women

Knowing men passionate enough to go through such heights might be what Latin women lack in dating their local men. Colombian girls go into trying to ace live introductions with foreign men along with the hopes of meeting a man who has the same values as them. While most would be more than happy to meet a man who would willingly want their Latina bride to instill in them real traditional values that can help their future family prosper together as one.

Either way, Cali women believe in the power of love and togetherness. Colombianas first and foremost look for serious intentions and a willingness to move forward into marriage. For most Colombian singles, making their man fall in love with Latin culture and values may be the easy part of the deal. Hence it can come up when all goes well.